LightHouse Counseling Services

...focusing on the special needs of adoptive families

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Welcome to LightHouse Counseling Services

LightHouse Counseling Services, Inc. seeks to provide quality individual and family counseling by Christian Counselors. We believe ultimate healing and restoration comes from God, and He uses us as a vehicle to achieve His purposes. Our approach is eclectic, using techniques from psychology and counseling, as well as a Biblical foundation, wisdom and principals. We do not limit our practice to Christian clients, and will not impose our beliefs on our non-Christian clients, treating everyone with respect according to their beliefs and world-view.

Jan and Maria primarily focus their counseling on working with families struggling with issues of attachment and post traumatic stress, usually related to adoption. We also work with the adult adoptee in dealing with the core issues of adoption and past traumatic events. Additionally, we will work with adults seeking help with mood disorders, marital and premarital counseling, and general relationship and life direction issues.


Why LightHouse?

At the risk of being trite, we chose our name as a symbol of what we hope to accomplish. A lighthouse will guide a ship being tossed by stormy seas, to a peaceful and safe harbor. It is the ship that has the power to steer and direct its own path, yet the lighthouse will shine a beacon through the darkness to show the way. It empowers the ship to make good choices!

We also hope to bring “Light” into our client’s “House” (therefore the capital H!) We wanted to be clear that we believe it is the light of Christ that reflects and shines from each one of us that brings us peace and gives us direction.